Postcolonialism, Diaspora, and Alternative Histories:The Cinema of Evans Chan(附DVD)

書名:Postcolonialism, Diaspora, and Alternative Histories:The Cinema of Evans Chan(附DVD),語言:英文,ISBN:9789888208166,頁數:200,出版社:香港大學出版社,作者:Tony Williams,出版日期:2015/07/03,類別:藝術設計
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  This volume offers the first comprehensive survey of the cinema of Evans Chan, a New York–based playwright, author, and filmmaker whose acclaimed films include To Liv(e), The Map of Sex and Love, and Datong. In this collection of essays on Chan's documentary and feature films seven experts on cultural and film studies examine the unique blending of fictional representation, historical investigation, and critical essayism that characterize Chan's oeuvre. They discuss how Chan’s work brings out the contradictory nature of the distant and recent past through his exploration of Hong Kong's rapid transformation before and after reunification with China in 1997. The volume concludes with an interview with Evans Chan on his work to date and includes two DVDs containing five of his most important films.

  The book will appeal to scholars and students who are interested in China and Hong Kong cinema, postcolonial studies, cultural studies, and diaspora studies.



Tony Williams

  Tony Williams is a professor and area head of film studies in the Department of English, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He is the author of John Woo's Bullet in the Head (2009) and editor of George A. Romero:Interviews (2011).


  • ISBN:9789888208166
  • 規格:精裝 / 200頁 / 17 x 23 cm / 普通級 / 單色印刷 / 初版
  • 出版地:香港