Critical Practices in Creative Writing: Creative Exposition

書名:Critical Practices in Creative Writing: Creative Exposition,語言:英文,ISBN:9781138931558,作者:Harper, Graeme,出版日期:2017/03/08,類別:文學
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Critical Exposition in Creative Writing examines the variety of approaches that can be taken when writers attempt to explore and explain their methods, style and techniques. The book covers the background, context, evidence and modes of critical exposition and exposes it as a widely taught and learnt activity that leads to a better understanding of creative writing and its results. It shows that while methods and ideals of creative exposition are clearly informed by national traditions there are shared practices of discovery and explanation that can inform learning, and that learning these practices can ultimately progress a student’s understanding of their own creative writing more effectively. Engaging exercises put the theory into practice leading to an inspiring and insightful book for creative writers.



  • ISBN:9781138931558
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