Alternatives to Domestic Violence: A Homework Manual for Battering Intervention Groups

書名:Alternatives to Domestic Violence: A Homework Manual for Battering Intervention Groups,語言:英文,ISBN:9781138668430,作者:Fall, Kevin A./ Howard, Shareen,出版日期:2017/04/12,類別:心靈養生
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Alternatives to Domestic Violence, 4th Edition is an interactive treatment workbook designed for use with a wide variety of accepted curricula for domestic violence intervention programs. This new edition adds and revises the exercises and stories in every chapter, covering important topics such as respect and accountability, maintaining positive relationships, good communication, parenting, substance abuse, digital abuse, and sexuality. Chapters on parenting, substance abuse, and religion have also been heavily revised based on current literature and group member feedback. The current chapters provide a comprehensive collection of vital topics, including topics rarely addressed in other curricula, and exercises help the group members learn new strategies for leading a life of cooperation and shared power. Continuing the tradition of past editions, this edition not only focuses on the content of a good BIPP curriculum, but also stresses the group process elements that form the backbone of any quality approach.



  • ISBN:9781138668430
  • 規格:平裝 / 21.8 x 27.9 cm / 普通級