Daily Life in 18th-Century England

書名:Daily Life in 18th-Century England,語言:英文,ISBN:9781440855030,作者:Olsen, Kirstin,出版日期:2017/04/30,類別:人文社科
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Informative, richly detailed, and entertaining, this book portrays daily life for people in England in 1700–1800, embracing all levels of society—from the aristocracy to the very poor—to describe a nation grappling with modernity.
• Chronicles daily life in a place and time that was critical in forming our modern world—its consumerism, industrialization, scientific thinking, and family structures• Provides fascinating detail on the lives of people at different levels of social strata, not just the upper classes• Includes excerpts from seldom- or never-anthologized primary sources• Incorporates information from recent scholarship about 18th-century England, especially regarding gender roles


  • ISBN:9781440855030
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