Parental Responsibility in the Context of Neuroscience and Genetics

書名:Parental Responsibility in the Context of Neuroscience and Genetics,語言:英文,ISBN:9783319428321,作者:Hens, Kristien (EDT)/ Cutas, Daniela (EDT)/ Horstkötter, Dorothee (EDT),出版日期:2017/01/16,類別:自然科普
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This volume explores all of these questions and more. Against the background of recent findings and expected advances in neuroscience and genetics, the extent and limits of parental responsibility are increasingly unclear. Awareness of the effects of parental choices on children’s wellbeing, as well as evolving norms about the moral status of children, have further increased expectations from (prospective) parents to take up and act on their changing responsibilities. Should parents aim to make their children as normal as possible to increase their chances to “fit in”?  Are neurological and mental health conditions a part of children’s identity and if so, should parents aim to remove or treat these? Should they aim to instill self-control in their children? Should prospective parents take steps to insure that, of all the children they could have, they choose the ones with the best likely start in life? The contributors in this volume discuss conceptual issues such as the meaning and sources of moral responsibility, normality, treatment, and identity. They also explore more practical issues such as how responsibility for children is practiced in Yoruba culture in Nigeria or how parents and health professionals in Belgium perceive the dilemmas generated by prenatal diagnosis. 



  • ISBN:9783319428321
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