Essentials of Cerebellum and Cerebellar Disorders: A Primer for Graduate Students

書名:Essentials of Cerebellum and Cerebellar Disorders: A Primer for Graduate Students,語言:英文,ISBN:9783319245492,作者:Gruol, Donna L. (EDT)/ Koibuchi, Noriyuki (EDT)/ Manto, Mario (EDT)/ Molinari, Marco (EDT)/ Schmahmann, Jeremy D. (EDT),出版日期:2016/12/15,類別:自然科普
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Currently, there is no book dedicated to graduate students on the topic of cerebellum and ataxias. The Handbook of Cerebellum and Cerebellar Disorders (Springer, 2013) is the most comprehensive book in the field, but it is made of 4 volumes and it is mainly written for qualified scientists/clinicians and not primarily for students. With the emergence of the neuroscience of the cerebellum and the growing number of scheduled or running “clinics of ataxias” -or ataxias clinics- in various universities of the world (these ataxias clinics are likely to emerge in the next 2 decades even in general hospitals), the graduate students represent a very attractive audience. The advances in our understanding of cerebellar functions are continuously growing and there is a need to compile the enormous amount of fundamental/clinical data in a clear and concise way, in order to render the amount of knowledge accessible to the future scientists and clinicians. The Essentials will become a springboard to jump easily in the field of cerebellar research and ataxiology, facilitating the understanding of the numerous and complex phenomena occurring in the cerebellar circuitry.

International panel of authors: the book will gather an international panel of scientists who are key-players in the field. They are located in USA, in Europe and in Asia. Many of them have contributed to the Handbook and we also aim to attract novel aut
hors or young talented scientists. The authors will come from the best clinical centers, universities or research centers in the world.



  • ISBN:9783319245492
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