Crunch Time: How to Be Your Best When It Matters Most

書名:Crunch Time: How to Be Your Best When It Matters Most,語言:英文,ISBN:9781520063324,作者:Peterson, Rick/ Hoekstra, Judd/ Hoyt, Jeff (NRT),出版日期:2017/01/23,類別:商業財經
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Everybody faces high-pressure situations, and in today’s hyper-competitive world it’s arguably worse than ever. But ace pitching coach Rick Peterson and leadership expert Judd Hoekstra say our ineffective response to pressure often causes us to perform far below our capabilities. Peterson has less than a minute to help a struggling athlete performing in front of millions and flip from butterflies to boldness. Using dozens of stories from his long career, he and Hoekstra offer six different ways anyone can get a new perspective that will keep them from striking out when the heat’s on. These techniques are explicitly made applicable far beyond the pitching mound; anyone can learn to out-think their brains with the power of re-framing.


  • ISBN:9781520063324
  • 規格:有聲CD / 14 x 16.5 x 2.8 cm / 普通級