A set of switches and LED display for use in controlling various aspects of flight simulation
Works with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004
Mounts onto the Pro Flight Yoke System (sold separately) or into your own home cockpit setup
Compatible: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 or newer
Full Autopilot panel with associated setting controls

From the manufacturer

Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel
Closer to Reality
The Multi Panel removes the need to use finicky onscreen controls and is ready for installation into your Saitek Pro Flight Yoke or custom cockpit rig.

Elite Features
Autopilot Panel with Easy-to-Read LED Display and Robust Buttons and Dials
Mini Trim Wheel Keeps Your Hand on the Dial Just Like the Real Thing
Flaps Lever Accurately Sets the Wings’ Control Surfaces

Simplified Autopilot Adjustments
The full autopilot panel – complete with real-time LED readouts – gives you fingertip control over a multitude of settings within FSX, X-Plane*, and Prepar3D software. By adding a Multi Panel to your flight sim setup, you can manipulate your aircraft’s autopilot settings with physical dials and buttons that immediately trigger in-sim actions. (*Plugins available at our website.)

Extra Controls for Auto Throttle, Flaps, and Pitch Trim
Easily adjust your auto throttle via two-position switch. An accurate 2-way rocker switch provides control of your aircraft’s flaps. And for precise control of pitch, a built-in trim wheel – offering just the right amount of resistance – enables you to maintain your desired attitude.

Flight Simulation Software Compatibility
FSX - Flight Simulator X (PC only)
X-Plane 10 (PC and Mac)
Prepar3D 2.2 (PC only)
Most Other Flight Simulation Software
System Requirements: Windows 7 or higher and USB 2.0 Port

Fully Customizable to Meet Your Needs
Modular and interchangeable, Saitek's range of Instrument Panels can be situated one on top of another or side-by-side. Want the Multi Panel above the Radio Panel? Done. Want your Switch Panel to the left of your Yoke? Go for it. Easy-to-use mounting brackets provide the means to arrange your flight simulation setup in a configuration only limited by your imagination.

Build the Ultimate Virtual Cockpit
With Saitek's Pro Flight Yoke System, the configuration of your dreams can become reality. From just a Yoke and a Throttle Quadrant, easily add Rudder Pedals and a multitude of Switch, Navigation, and Instrument Panels to fully customize your flight simulator. Commercial or private, seasoned or novice, you have the ability to equip your flight simulation setup with all the essentials needed to vastly improve your skill set and muscle memory.

Product description
Saitek's Pro Flight Multi Panel is a full autopilot LED display that works with flight simulator software, effectively removing the need to use onscreen controls. An integrated dial adjusts settings for quicker selection of your required altitude. Additional functions also allow adjustment of your aircraft's throttle, flaps, and elevator trim. The full autopilot panel gives you fingertip control over a multitude of settings within FSX, X-Plane*, and Prepar3D software. No longer do you have to zoom into your flight sim's onscreen controls to make modifications; you can manipulate your aircraft's autopilot settings with physical controls that immediately trigger in-sim actions.

Product information
Technical Details
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Other Technical Details
Brand Name Logitech
Item model number 945-000028
Hardware Platform PC
Item Weight 14.7 ounces
Product Dimensions 11.1 x 2.2 x 3.3 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H 11.1 x 2.24 x 3.31 inches