「Reading Room」是一套針對英語學習而改寫世界文學名著的書系,全套共計35冊,依英文難易程度,分為5個等級。故事簡短,全書穿插彩色插圖,附重要英單和IPA音標。可作為自修或教材使用。

All the beautiful fairy tales and masterpieces that you have encountered during your childhood remain as warm memories in your adulthood. This time, let's indulge in the world of masterpieces through English. When you enjoy reading, your ability to understand English will also rapidly improve.

This series of Reading Room are a special reading comprehension booster program, devised to improve reading comprehension for beginners whose command of English is not satisfactory, or who are elementary, middle, and high school students. With this program, you can enjoy reading masterpieces in English with fun and efficiency.

This carefully planned program is composed of 5 levels. With this program's level-by-level system, you are able to read famous texts in English and to savor the true pleasure of the world's language.

In addition, with our “Guide to Listening,” not only is reading comprehension enhanced but also listening comprehension skills are highlighted. In the audio recording of the book, texts are vividly read by professional American actors.

The texts are rewritten, according to the levels of the readers by an expert editorial staff of native speakers, on the basis of standard American English with the ministry of education recommended vocabulary. Therefore, it will be of great help even for all the students that want to learn English. Please indulge yourself in the fun of reading and listening to English through Reading Room.