WMF Profi Plus 系列 不鏽鋼撈麵勺 Pasta Spoon 義大利麵杓      (WMF 原廠盒裝) Pasta serving spoon PROFI PLUS   五星 最高等級  符合人體工學        輕巧 好收納   每件都有WMF logo   獨家註冊  18/10 不銹鋼 表面光亮   耐腐蝕       手洗 好清洗 洗碗機可以用 直徑 32cm  原廠料號: 18.7108.6030 產地 :   德國     原廠包裝出貨   保養鍋具方法請照不沾鍋的方法   更詳細的可以到百貨專櫃詢問、看實品 保固: 此商品為歐洲原廠公司貨 非台灣代理商出貨(平行輸入商品), 如原廠針對個別商品有提供保固者,須寄回國外原廠判定,消費者必須支付所有發生之相關費用(宅配郵資、交易手續費)。 鑑賞期內僅供鑑賞恕無開放試用   購買後,請遵照使用說明書使用 。 本賣場出貨前一定會檢查商品,收到商品後對商品有任何疑問者請勿使用,請回傳照片至易油網客服。 本賣場提供7日鑑賞期,但請買家留意鑑賞期不是試用期喔,如果您欲退換貨必須保持商品的 完整性(產品、包裝盒、說明書、配件等);來回運費、或是因運輸過程產生破損,由買方承擔。   本賣場商品100% 從國外進口來台,並且合法報關 全館開發票, 絕不賣outlet、剪標、或來路不明商品,所有商品一律是原廠總公司正貨(德國、法國公司貨 非台灣公司貨); 如買家在意原廠紙盒不平整、有色差、感覺 與實體店面不同、觸感不好等原因,如果您有這些疑慮,面交或 到實體店面購買比較適合您。 Highlights ·           Length: 32 cm. | Item number: 1871086030 ·           Material: Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10 partially matt finish. Rust-free, dishwasher safe, dimensionally stable, sanitary, acid resistant and indestructible. ·           The functional parts are securely cemented into the handle. Includes a practical eyelet for storage on a rack with hooks. ·           Use the broad spoon to take spaghetti or noodles out of the boiling water or out of the bowl without difficulty. Baked goods will get stuck on the prongs. ·           Design: Metz & Kindler Produktdesign. Product description The prongs surrounding the deep bowl of the WMF pasta serving spoon are just waiting to get their teeth stuck into something. Long noodles such as spaghetti and ribbon-like pasta get stuck on the small prongs, making them easier to convey from the pot to a dish using the practical handle. Practical: any residual water is automatically drained off through a small hole in the bowl. The wide spoon also scoops up generous amounts of smaller noodles such as penne and farfalle and portions them neatly on the plate. Made from a single cast, the 19-centimetre-long Cromargan® pasta serving spoon cuts a fine figure in any kitchen. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher and is available as part of the Nuova special cutlery series. The Profi Plus series is a range of matching, practical kitchen utensils for every activity and type of preparation. Serve in style with a sauce ladle, ice cream scoop, kitchen scoop and a mesh strainer. Flip over roast potatoes, steaks, breaded fish or caramelised fruit with a choice of attractively designed, polished stainless steel turners with non-stick plastic to protect your pans. Even tricky tasks such as coring apples, scooping tasty fruit balls or descaling fresh fish suddenly become effortless with the Profi Plus range. Get stirring, peeling, flipping, slicing and mashing! All Profi Plus kitchen utensils are premium quality, watertight, dishwasher-safe and exceptionally durable, even when used continuously. Each utensil has a small stainless steel hanging loop so that it can be hung on a kitchen rack when it's not being used – keeping it neatly to hand for when it’s needed. Specifications EAN 4000530534958 Brand WMF Collection Profi Plus Size sets 1-pc. Material Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel Length (cm) 32 Color stainless steel Care Dishwasher safe Designer Metz & Kindler Produktdesign 易油網嚴格的為您把關,品質最放心 : 1. 國外採購人員親自拜訪國外供應商 2. 堅持原廠包裝 3. 確實查驗貨品來源、嚴格的品質管理,為消費者把關! 4. 成立易油網有限公司,合法開立發票,購買更放心! 5. 投保 1000 萬產品責任險   6. 佔地 300 多坪的專業倉庫