Lheureux 金屬邊飾半圓框太陽眼鏡

Tomboy style meets retro cool in the silhouette of Lheureux sunglasses by ALDO, accentuate subtle luxe through gold-tone detailing and reflective shades.

- Polycarbonate and brass frame
- Non-moulded silicone nose pads
- Reflective lens
- Slim arms with curved tips for better fit
- Category 3 UV filter
$ 880
SKU (simple) AL087GL67FLWMY
顏色 Black
鏡框形狀 半圓形
鏡框顏色 黑色
鏡片設計 漸變色
鏡片顏色 黃色
產地 中國

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